Secure & Reliable Infrastructure Management with Accuris Technologies

Accuris Technologies prioritizes security and reliability in infrastructure management, using innovative tools and best practices to deliver exceptional service for your business.

Microsoft Datacenter in Staffanstorp, Sweden.
Microsoft Datacenter in Staffanstorp, Sweden. Photo courtesy of Bengt Arvidson.

At Accuris Technologies, our top priority is delivering outstanding service through a secure and reliable infrastructure. We adhere to industry-leading practices, such as automating routine tasks, fortifying servers, and conducting regular security audits and updates. By focusing on security and dependability, we offer our clients a trustworthy platform for their business operations, enabling them to concentrate on their core activities.

Can you explain how you do this?

To accomplish this, we utilize a blend of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to manage our server and network infrastructure. One of the essential tools we employ is Ansible, a robust automation solution that streamlines deploying and managing servers and services.

How does Ansible contribute?

Ansible enables us to automate repetitive tasks like deploying updates, configuring servers, and managing services. We can create playbooks outlining the steps for these tasks and execute them using a single command, increasing efficiency and reliability compared to manual methods.

Ansible's flexibility and extensibility allow us to develop custom Python modules to enhance its functionality for tasks specific to our environment. For instance, we have created modules to control network switches, firewalls, load balancers, and servers. This single-tool management approach reduces the potential for errors due to manual intervention.

What other tools do you use?

Besides Ansible, we also leverage custom programs written in Python and Bash for specific tasks such as monitoring system metrics, handling backups, and automating new server deployments. These tailored programs ensure seamless integration with our existing infrastructure.

How about security?

To guarantee our infrastructure's security and reliability, we employ best practices when deploying and managing servers. One crucial practice is creating individual user accounts for server access, enabling us to track and revoke access when needed, reducing unauthorized access risks.

We use SSH key authentication over passwords to bolster server security. This method requires users to generate a public-private key pair, with the private key securely stored on their local machine and the public key uploaded to the server. This approach minimizes risks of brute force attacks, phishing, and password-related vulnerabilities.

Additionally, we implement firewalls to safeguard servers from external attacks. Firewalls help regulate traffic flow to and from our servers, allowing only necessary traffic. We establish firewall rules to block unauthorized access attempts, limit network access to required ports and protocols, and prevent malicious traffic from infiltrating our servers.

How do you monitor and prevent potential attacks?

Alongside these best practices, we routinely conduct security audits and vulnerability scans to detect and mitigate potential threats. We keep our systems updated with the latest security patches and follow the principle of least privilege, ensuring users and applications only have necessary access.

In summary, Accuris Technologies prioritizes infrastructure security and reliability to deliver top-notch service to our clients. By adhering to these practices and regularly auditing and updating our security measures, we maintain client trust and offer a dependable, secure platform for conducting business. Our commitment to security and reliability is essential to achieving our goal of providing exceptional customer service.